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Stump Removal / Stump Grinding

Our chosen stump grinding machine, the FSI B22, is a brand new machine. It’s width is 680mm. This means it will fit through most garden gates and fit down tight side access paths.

The machine is self-propelled meaning the 2 wheel drive makes it easy and safe for us to load/unload and position it correctly at the stump. The machine weighs 210kg allowing it to glide over lawns and patios leaving no trace.

This small machine packs 14HP into a small unit, making it a very versatile machine that can be used for small residential stump or large commercial site clearance.

Using our specialist equipment, we can efficiently remove your unwanted stumps allowing you to have a blank canvas, ready to plant a flower bed, lay turf, lay a patio….. the possibilities are endless.

What Does Our Stump Grinder Do?

The tree stump is removed by the stump grinders spinning teeth. At the front of the machine, there is a fly wheel which has protruding teeth spinning at a high speed. We brush these teeth back and forth across the stump removing 10-20mm with each sweep.

The teeth cut the stump in a way to create useful mulch, which many of our clients use through their garden for nourishment.

Depending on your requirements, we can grind the stump down to a variety of different depths. For example, if you wish to re-plant turf over the top, we will grind the stump down sufficiently to allow a suitable layer of soil to be placed underneath the new turf.

If you wish to plant flowers or a new tree, we can completely remove the stump or grind it down to a suitable depth to do so. All of this information can be covered in the site meeting or via email.

We undertake stump removal services for a variety of clients throughout the residential and commercial sectors.

By far the most popular reason is that a client wishes to replant or lay turf where the stump sits. Old stumps in the middle of lawns can cause problems for lawn mowers. They are a stubborn obstacle that can cause damage to your machine as well as being an unattractive eye-sore.

We can offer the stump removal service as well as localised turf laying and more. If you have specific requirements, please ask us.

Controlling Tree Infection

We have also had cases whereby a tree has been subject to a fungal infection that can spread through the soil.

In this case, we completely remove the stump and remove all mulch. We can then replace the mulch with new soil and replant. We are very adaptable, just drop us an email via the ‘Contact Us’ button.

How Much Is Stump Grinding?

If you would like to ask us to provide an estimate for stump removal, the quickest way to get hold of us is via email. The more information you can provide us with, the faster we can give you an accurate quotation for the required work. The minimum that we need to get the process started is your contact information; contact number and your address.

If you are able to attach photos of the stump including the diameter and a description of the access we may be able to give you an estimate there and then.

Case Study

Finding us through our website, Mr Jones contacted MLTC via email. He asked us to give him a quote for removing a declining Ash tree as well as its stump so that he could plant a new tree. He requested an itemised estimate including options for a replacement specimen to be planted.

We emailed back within 24 hours asking for some contact details as well as his address so that we could organise a site meeting. Two days later our foreman met with Mr and Mrs Jones at their house in Hertfordshire. The Ash tree was sufferening from extensive storm damage which meant it was unsafe to keep.

The tree was located in their back garden on an elevated lawn, on the boundary between them and their neighbour. Our foreman gave Mr and Mrs Jones all the options which would effect the final prices.

Aspects such as, whether they would like to keep the timber or the wood chip, had the neighbours been notified about their intentions, the depth to which they would like the stump to be removed and if they would like to use the stump mulch around their various flower beds.

Conversation then went to various options for replanting, depending on their needs. The Foreman then left with a hand shake. We then wrote up the itemised estimate allowing The Jones’ to see how much each aspect will cost. They were happy with the estimate and we booked the work in for a convenient date.

MLTC arrived at The Jones’ at 08:15 with a team of three Arborists ready for work. The medium sized Ash tree had to be climbed and dismantled. The team decided it was best to lower the branches using ropes and pulleys to prevent damage to the boundary fence and lawn. The trunk was cut to ground level, the branches were chipped and the timber was loaded.

Two members of the team left to dispose of the material, leaving one to begin the stump grinding. The stump grinding machine was unloaded from our trailer with a loading ramp. The self-propelled machine was driven down the side access of the house and then met the first obstacle.

The 3ft step to get to the elevated lawn. For this, we used our folding Aluminium ramps. The machine was effortlessly driven up the ramps and rolled on to the lawn.

The rubber tyres left no trace of the machine over the lawn. The 3ft debris Guard was set around the stump (this avoids debris being thrown from the work area), the correct personal protective equipment was put on, and stump grinding began.

The stump measured 2ft in diameter and due to The Jones’ wanting to replant, the stump was removed entirely, only leaving small roots that will rot away in time. It took 2 hours and the stump was reduced to mulch. The mulch that had sprayed around the stump was left neatly in a pile where the stump used to be so the Jones’ could use it as they wanted.

Using the ramps, the machine was safely driven out to the front and loaded straight on to the trailer. The guards along with the other tools were loaded. The Jones’ came out to see the result and couldn’t believe the ease that the machine transformed the stubborn stump to useable mulch.

They asked about payment and were assured that they would receive the invoice via email. The Jones were delighted with the outcome and recommended MLTC to their neighbours who popped their head over the fence to see what we had been up to! The final member of our team left with a smile and a handshake.

MLTC head Office then created the invoice and sent it to Mr and Mrs Jones. We received their payment via BACS as well as a great review from them on our Facebook page.


We cover; Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City, Letchworth, Luton, Hitchin, Hertford, Hatfield, St Albans & everywhere in between.

Our service begins with a no obligation site survey, please get in touch to arrange a visit.

Max Lenthall, MLTC