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Tree Reduction

Tree reduction, or crown reduction is used in arboriculture to reduce the crown of the tree while maintaining its shape. This reduces tree size, allow more light through and limits root growth protecting driveways, foundations, footings, drainage & pathways.

While arboriculturalist and tree surgeon are seemingly interchangeable terms for the same thing, there are significant differences.

Crown Reductions:

Reducing the height and spread of the tree. This helps reduce stress throughout the branch unions, lowering the risk of failure or snapping of branches.

Reducing the sail area of the crown will help with the branches end weight and leave less potential for wind to damage the tree. The aim is to reduce the overall size whilst retaining the integral shape and framework of the tree.

A reduction is often necessary for trees with dead, dying or dangerous branches, or excessive or lopsided growth that has made the tree unbalanced or weighted in a particular direction.

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